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Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Be it voice activated lighting & Music, automated turning on / off devices.

Information just a verbal request away, we live in amazing times, for those who are still unsure about the advantages, I wonder how many people would not use the remote control for their TV.

The world we live into today provides systems that can answer the vast majority of questions without having to take a journey to the library or even turn on your computer or check your mobile phone.

For those of us that can recall those time before Mobile phones and Email, think how quickly you get left behind if you do not embrace those significant changes to society. With the IOT (internet of things) that bring the option to have many of your household devices linked to the internet, to those smart fire alarms that will not only scream out load when they detect a fire, but also email / text/ WhatsApp you when something goes wrong, along with burglar alarms and smart door cameras that help protect your loved ones and your precious possessions, alerting you regardless of how many thousands of miles away you may be. Special, and not as expensive as some would believe.

One of the main selling points of these systems is that once set up properly, the life span of such systems are significant often without the need of regular maintenance.

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