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We offer a full range of remote and on site corporate IT support services, these include: 

  • Corporate Systems Health check, including investigation of any reported incidents and interrogation of system error logs to help identify the route cause of any system instability.

  • System updates, imperative to help avoid system attacks.

  • Scheduling updates to minimise outages.

  • Engineer callouts.

  • System issue investigation and fix.

  • Cyber security concerns and bespoke suggestions for your company.

  • Microsoft 365 Support package.

Corporate IT support, Microsoft 365 management, Remote access support along with Engineer callouts.

Microsoft 365 is becoming very attractive for Business users:

  • ITB of OneDrive cloud storage per user

  • 1TB of SharePoint cloud storage for shared files (1TB is shared among all employees within the company) 

  • Microsoft office, with free updates.

  • Microsoft Teams (Video conferencing, group chat facility, screen sharing etc)

However, it can be slightly awkward to manage, so we offer a support package in which we provide:

  • Full system and 365 user set (Service Ref: CORP0014 (covering up to 4 users)), additional users  (service ref: CORP0015).

  • Ongoing management – Additional support package (Service Ref: CORP0016) covers 20 remote sessions (each remote session covers one user; these tickets do not expire with time).

  • For other options, please consider the standard Corporate IT remote support services.

The Microsoft 365 support package would consist of the following:

  • Initial system-setup:

    • Purchase/Manage domain for use with system (google domains as standard, but other options will be available if desired/required) ~ can also use existing domain  

    • Point domain records to 365 services (MX records for email, txt verification records, DKIM, etc…)

    • Setup users (mailbox, licences, etc…)

    • Create SharePoint Groups/folders & configure permissions

    • Install office 365 desktop software

      • OneDrive app (also used to map any SharePoint groups/folders, to facilitate syncing)

      • Office 365 Desktop apps (Word, Excel, Outlook, etc…) ~if required  

  • Ongoing Maintenance/Troubleshooting:

    • Manage users

      • Create new users (including licence allocation, SharePoint permissions, etc…)

      • Remove users that are no longer required (can refund licence or retain for future use)

    • SharePoint Management

      • Create new SharePoint groups (e.g., accounts, HR, etc…)

      • Setup/Manage user permissions

      • Add to user(s) OneDrive desktop client (where local syncing is required)

    • Fault troubleshooting/resolution (e.g., OneDrive syncing errors, email delivery problems, etc…)

Abstract Background

Remote Corporate IT Services

10 ticket package rate {max 24 hour response}

Service ref: CORP0008

This service provides 10 separate tickets (Providing discounts on individual tickets).

Each Call will cover the initial diagnosis and normally the fix for those that can be solved during the initial consultation, if the problem requires additional response you will be provided with a summary of the additional works required.

Each ticket will not expire over time, on completion of ticket you will be provided with an Invoice for the Ticket used and a summary statement listing what has been used and remaining tickets.

Abstract Futuristic Background

Remote Corporate user IT Services

Monthly Check-up (Annual Contract 12 sessions)

Service ref: CORP0009

This service provides an agreed scheduled remote monthly session for each device covered.

Each Call will cover the diagnosis and normally a fix for any reported issue that can be solved during the initial consultation contact, if the problem requires additional response you will be provided with a summary of the additional works required.

Blue Smoke

Remote Corporate IT Services

Single remote session

This is paid as a one of basis and is dependant upon the next available engineer.

Service ref: CORP0010

Wavy Abstract Background

Call out - Corporate IT Services

Specific costs can be provided following an email request for quotation, such enquiries should be sent to

Service ref: CORP0011

PC Format - Corporate IT Services

We provide a full PC format service and Operating system software re-installation service.

Please request a price for collection and delivery.


Full PC Format and operating system re-installation.

please send a request for quotation to


Service ref: CORP0012

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