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Senior Executive

Date: August 2022



Position:         Senior executive                                



We are commencing a Nationwide recruitment offering several newly created positions to suitable candidates.


The highly ranked Senior Executive position will involve reporting to the company CEO and will be expected to provide direction to the team of regional managers who report to him.

We recognised the need for experience, and we also understand that IT is frequently the domain of the young, and to this extent, when we will strive to introduce a wide-ranging apprenticeship scheme, our aim is to have most IT technicians supporting an Apprentice, who would be trained and provide assistance to their trainer.


We also aim to provide training to enable the apprentices to achieve an IT qualification and to support their chosen pathway to assist progress to their full potential.


This role will involve the following:


  • Managing a team of Regional Managers

  • Selecting / Interview of new REgional Managers

  • Reviewing the performance of existing Regional Managers

  • Acting as a point of contact between the larger customers and companies

  • Negotiating terms of sales and agreements and closing sales with customers

  • Gathering market and customer information to figure out the customer needs

  • Responding to customer queries and resolving their objections to get them to make a purchase

  • Advising product developers on improvements to include in forthcoming product developments and discussing special promotions

  • Creating proposal documents as part of the formal bidding procedure

  • Reviewing Regional activity.

  • Promoting innovation and expanding the current business in liaison with the company ceo

Senior Executive

Thank you for considering submitting an application to join the team at VR-Tech & Systems.


We like to believe that if you apply and are successful our partnership will be a long and mutually beneficial.  We pride ourselves in  establishing a good working relationship between all our workforce that will hopefully result in a long and happy association.

Look forward to receiving your application.

All the best

Nigel Froud


VR-Tech & Systems

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