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Virtual reality is an area we specialise in and look to be at the forefront of innovation.

We provide cost effective virtual reality events for both private and corporate clients, along with optional planning, setup & equipment hire.  For further information please contact us at​​

We offer a number of services to facilitate client requirements including:

  • Equipment Hire

  • Pre-event setup

  • Pre-event planning

  • Popular themes including:

    • Children Events

      • Halloween

      • Christmas

      • Birthday

      • Education:

        • History

        • Science

  • Popular Games

  • Roller coaster rides

  • Balloon Rides

  • Hand Glider Rides

  • Glider experience

  • Mountain Climbing


191015f Logo image.jpg
New World
Man in VR Scene

Sounds familiar:

You go to work, you come home, have your food, go to bed, get up repeat.

We all need some form of break from the normal.  Be it the Pub, club, disco, date, mate, running, walking etc

From the 80's many of us have discovered the magic of the internet, computer games. Social media, interaction without the need to leave the house.

Mystical lands explored in the privacy of your home with friends around the world, challenges, tests, meeting new people. 

And then virtual reality, taking the experience to another level, we are on a journey, VR is here to stay and we feel this entertainment is only in its infancy, something that will provide breath taking journeys for the young and old alike.

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