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Service Ref: CORP0014


Microsoft 365 is becoming very attractive for Business users:


  • ITB of OneDrive cloud storage per user
  • 1TB of SharePoint cloud storage for shared files (1TB is shared among all employees within the company) 
  • Microsoft office, with free updates.
  • Microsoft Teams (Video conferencing, group chat facility, screen sharing etc)

However, it can be slightly awkward to manage, so we offer a support package in which we provide:

  • Full system and 365 user set (Service Ref: CORP0014 (covering up to 4 users)), additional users  (service ref: CORP0015).
  • Ongoing management – Additional support package (CORP0016) covers 20 remote sessions (each remote session covers one user; these tickets do not expire with time).
  • For other options, please consider the standard Corporate IT remote support services.


The Microsoft 365 support package would consist of the following:

  • Initial system-setup:
    • Purchase/Manage domain for use with system (google domains as standard, but other options will be available if desired/required) ~ can also use existing domain  
    • Point domain records to 365 services (MX records for email, txt verification records, DKIM, etc…)
    • Setup users (mailbox, licences, etc…)
    • Create SharePoint Groups/folders & configure permissions
    • Install office 365 desktop software
      • OneDrive app (also used to map any SharePoint groups/folders, to facilitate syncing)
      • Office 365 Desktop apps (Word, Excel, Outlook, etc…) ~if required  
  • Ongoing Maintenance/Troubleshooting:
    • Manage users
      • Create new users (including licence allocation, SharePoint permissions, etc…)
      • Remove users that are no longer required (can refund licence or retain for future use)
    • SharePoint Management
      • Create new SharePoint groups (e.g., accounts, HR, etc…)
      • Setup/Manage user permissions
      • Add to user(s) OneDrive desktop client (where local syncing is required)
    • Fault troubleshooting/resolution (e.g., OneDrive syncing errors, email delivery problems, etc…)


CORP0014 Remote Microsoft 365 Support package

Excluding VAT
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