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Time waits for no man …… (or woman).

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Time has always fascinated me, how a tree can last for Hundreds of years, yet a mayfly just a matter of days ☹ (one feels sorry for the mayfly). I really try to get the most of the time I have available, and to this end have to admit to some things that really, really aggravate me .

· Waiting for a PC to start with an HDD

· Even worse… waiting for a PC to start with an HDD if the client also has installed several anti-virus systems that cause conflicts.

Sorry I need to get back on track.

One word of advice, if you don’t have a SOLID STATE DRIVE (SSD), I would suggest to save your sanity….. GET ONE.

Agreed they are slightly more expensive.

Agreed they are reported to maybe not last as long, although there have been recent studies that indicate to the contrary owing to HDD being more vulnerable to transit damage etc. and the fact that SSD’s are still relatively new.

However no question SSD’s will save you an amazing amount of time (that must be a real cost saving), they are much, much faster, if you wish to retain your HDD, keep it as a secondary data drive (as long as it is not too old).

SSD’s are also more robust as they have no moving parts unlike their HDD cousin.

In a previous life we used to automatically start the HDD (via the BIOS settings) a few hours before the work force arrived, this would allow all the system updates to complete, and the system would be ready and running when the staff arrived.

If you like I, need to re-start PC’s all the time then get your SSD and you just maybe able to improve your quality of life, and of course free up some of that special, special time.

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