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The Magic of the …… MRP system

You wave your wand, and it happens….... Not exactly, years ago (in some operations and countries still happening) many hands would be at work like an army of ants, expediting orders, moving paper around, writing BOMs (bills of materials). An incredible site to see, very impressive.... Then came the MRP system, the same activity accomplished by a fraction of the labour in a virtual faultless environment. What followed was empty corridors, followed by the wind opening and closing doors, tumble weed blowing freely, a virtual ghost town, and very happy hugely over weight directors enjoying the benefits of the technological age. Well, something like that. The reality is that albeit amazing these systems are, they still need to be maintained, not by so many that is for sure, but the premise that "what comes out, is a direct result of what goes in", You have to ensure the few operators are well trained and need to do what they do at the right time, fail to adhere to these basic rules and woe betide you...... things can go dramatically wrong.

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