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Free IT Consultation for Small Business & Retail

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

We have found that a great many of our small business and retail clients have unique IT requirements without the funds readily available to employee full time IT technicians, we pride ourselves in providing support and advice along with cost effective call out services and even more so on-line support / remote connection. Many small organisations tend to hold off tackling their IT concerns, often with devastating repercussions.

Cybercrime is on the increase; criminals are targeting weaknesses in your security. Please be aware of the importance in installing security updates immediately.

We offer:

· Free small business consultations and recommendations

· Help increase your productivity by reviewing your current systems and offering suitable business software.

Small businesses often do not look at the same concerns that their larger counterparts focus on, and it is often the case that the small business attitude greatly restricts the growth that would be required by the medium and above size companies. We have all heard the business rhetoric to “become more productive”, often this is lost on those companies struggling to maintain their current profitability. We attempt to get the message over, that to increase productivity can help any business regardless of the size.

The importance of Financial Controls

Most companies appreciate that ROI (return on investment) is an important equation, if you advertise with a company that provides you with levels of business that far outweigh the cost of the marketing fee, one would often treat that as being a good investment.

Likewise, (as is often the case) if you improve your control systems this can often help you perform to a level that companies many times your size struggle to match.

Current ERP systems can provide:

· Better stock control

Providing minimum stock level controls

Purchase order generation

Detailed Transaction history

Perpetual Inventory (stock taking carried out more frequently then the usual annual shut down, using A,B,C analysis, meaning you are requested to check the more expensive items more frequently then those lower cost items).

· Quality control systems

· MRP facility (for those building in-house) automated analysis of current purchase orders, current stock, other orders for common components.

· Capacity control

· Automated management reports – Often underrated but a huge asset to those smaller concerns that do not have the luxury of middle management advice. If you do not see your business trends over time, or product group sales (this could be as simple as biscuit sales, or small bespoke electronic assemblies), you may not be investing in the right areas.

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