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Don’t panic……. OK panic

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

So we have all done it, you go to the loft, the garage, the store, to find that power supply for the Okay-kokay 2000 that is top priority and you need it to work today.

Then it happens, you see an old box, you open it and there it is an old document, that takes you back to “the day”. You carry on through the box and find pictures old tapes and you are time travelling through what once was, before you know it hours have passed.

Then the horror, your precious VHS wedding recording and photo albums look worse for wear, and those Family pictures have faded. Who gives a fig about the okay-kokay 2000 power supply, this is serious, if this is lost then it is irreplaceable. This media has Friends and Family that have long since gone, surely this cannot be happening, what have I done?

We are lucky to live in an age in which for not much we can preserve these priceless memorabilia for eternity.

Virtually any films, pictures, documents, files, can be preserved, time is not on our side, tape will perish, pictures will not last forever unless digitised, and even then look at the media you save it on, make backups of backups. Even cloud storage can be lost. If you inadvertently delete a file from your files that are synchronised with the cloud, the cloud will also delete that file. Some provide limited recovery but not all.

For me priceless memorabilia is stored in number of safe locations.

If you do this, you can with confidence look forward to that time when you wish to reminisce, that those special moments are still in existence to facility your time travelling.

For most of us, we only realise the importance of such things when we are too late to do anything about them.

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